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Kite spot atlas made by kitesurfers for kitesurfers
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It's not the right spot? Hoax? Copyright Infringement? Tell us !

Spot: La Caletta

Title : 01.Lele Wave Riding 6/12/'08

Description : Wave Riding in the Capital of the World... Go to:

Tags : lele, kite, surf, wave, riding, onda, onde, emanuele, vitaletti, roma, rome, ostia, sardegna, sardinia, italia, italy, costa, rica, costarica, estremo, extreme, big, kiteboarding, cool, cancello, cancelli, master, instructor, skool, kiteschool, scuola, primo, istruttore, corso, corsi, radical, picenum, marcello, marcellino, lombardi, zanzara, bottijone, sguash, stefano, di, marzio

Rating : 4.67

Duration : 00:03:08

Video submitted by Anonymous (04-05-2010)

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