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Kite spot atlas made by kitesurfers for kitesurfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Coral Beach - Eilat


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It's not the right spot? Hoax? Copyright Infringement? Tell us !

Title : Kite Surfing : Eilat 008 : Californication

Description : Clips of the kite surfing community in Eilat, Israel, in Oct. 2007. Shot on Yom Kippur 5768. Feat. Yoni Frimer.

Tags : kite, surf, surfing, surfer, surfers, orit, bar, red, sea, port, gulf, eilat, view, competition, big, air, jumps, aqaba, training, yfrimer, yoni, frimer, yasha, harari,,, israel, 5768, 2007, californication, hot, chilli, chili, peppers

Rating : 0.00

Duration : 00:02:09

Video submitted by Orit (01-05-2010)

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