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Kite spot atlas made by kitesurfers for kitesurfers
Enjoy and contribute!



Quality as destination

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Spots (12)
Quality Experience Type Amenities
Cumbuco 7 / -
Everyone Beach
Guriu 2 / -
Everyone Open Ocean
Icarai de Amontada - / -
Intermediate Beach
ilha do guajiru 6 / -
Everyone Lagoon
Jericoacoara Préa 1 / -
Everyone Beach
Jericoacoara2 - / -
Everyone Beach
Praia da Lagoinha 1 / -
Everyone Beach
Prea 6 / -
Everyone Beach
Quebramar 3 / -
Everyone Open Ocean
Tramuntana 3 / -
Intermediate Beach
Tremembe 4 / -
Everyone Beach
Uruau - / -


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michaelbrazil avatar
Jericoacoara Préa
By michaelbrazil
Aug 15, 2007
- Prea is a very good spot for my opinion. Also a great place to stay wake up,breakfast,chill and like a swiss clock...comes the wind on midday..termic and very strong:-)Just awsome! Its one of my favourite s
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By webmaster , 08-08-2006

please correct it! - please feel free to correct the gps position using the "edit spot" link and then the googlemaps finder!!!

By Hacky , 08-08-2006

Cumbuco - Actually the satellite image shows "Tabuba" that is about 3 km from Cumbuco Beach

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